Chamber music


Chouette! (2009), for flute, cello and piano


Flipbook (2010), for quintet and electronics


On a Quiet Place (2012), for violin, piano and live-electronics


Meditation After December 21st (2012), for tuba, electric guitar, flexible ensemble, electronics


Ecos_74 (2013), for percussion quartet and electronics


zap_ping_ (2014), for trumpet, percussion, electronics and video


Blood Ink (2015), for small ensemble and electronics (5 performers)

Smart-alienation (2016), for small flexible ensemble, electronics and video ( 3 to 5 performers)

Plastic Air (2017), for flexible duo, electronics and video/lighting

Static on my fingers (2017), for a group of improvisers, electronics and video

Locked #161 (2017), for jazz improviser, flexible ensemble and electronics

Hypernormalization (2018), for voice, percussion and electronics

My Empty Hands (2018), for flexible percussive ensemble, electronics and video

​Sweet Data (2018), for percussion ensemble and electronics

We Live in a Bubble (2019), for flexible wind trio and electronics

Balckout Phase (2019), for electric guitar, 3 percussion players, electronics and lighting

Shelter (2020), for synthesizer, vibraphone and live-electronics

I'm bored at home (2020), multimedia online project, for flexible trio, electronics and video



from underground_03 (2011), for ensemble, electronics and video (16 performers)

You Should Be Blind to Watch TV (2013), for ensemble and electronics (10 performers)

O Táxi 9297 (2019), for ensemble and electronics (18 performers) - original live-soundtrack

for the silent movie "O Táxi 9297", written and directed by Reinaldo Ferreira.



Non”/sense%)8$messages#_! (for a nonsense reality) (2012), for large orchestra and electronics


Massive# (2014), for female voice, orchestra and electronics





Terminus (2009), for viola, live-electronics and lighting


As Palavras Não Mudam (2009), for flute and electronics


Frames #87 (2011), for clarinet, live-electronics and video


Acid/"! (2011), for viola


Drive_! (2013), for vibraphone, multi-percussion and electronics


People Are on the Streets (2013), for electric guitar, live-electronics and video


Gin#122 (2014), for kalimba and electronics


Numb (2015), for baritone saxophone and electronics


Your Trash (2016), for percussion, electronics and video

Polyester Drops (2017), for prepared piano and electronics

Deviation Point (2017), for voice/performer, electronics and video

Blindspot Box (2018), for bass clarinet, electronics and video / lighting

​Zone#1 (fake homeostasis) (2019), installatin/performance for one percussion player, electronics and video




Sócio-Nano-Microphone (2010) - International project “Sound Art in City Spaces” (2010)

​Zone#1 (fake homeostasis) (2019), installatin/performance for one percussion player, electronics and video



Studio music: 

Motherless Child (2012), arrangment for voice, electric guitar, drums and electronics

Bullewijck (2018), for jazz quintet and electronics (Eudardo Cardinho + Ben van Gelder Album)