New video!!

Blackout Phase (trailer) (2019)

for electric guitar, 3 percussion players, electronics and lighting

Commissioned and performed by Drumming GP

Zone#1 (fake homeostasis) (2019)

performance/installation for one percussion player, electronics and video

Blindspot Box (2018)

for bass clarinet, electronics and video/lighting

Numb (2015)

for baritone saxophone and electronics

Bec Plexus (EP trailer)


for voice/performer, percussion, electronics and video

Plastic Air (2016)

for flexible duo, electronics and video / lighting

Smart-alienation (2016)

for small flexible ensemble, electronics and video

Your Trash (2016)

for percussion, electronics and video

Numb (2015)

for baritone saxophone and electronics

People Are on the Streets (2013)

for electric guitar, live-electronics and video

Drive_! (2013) - excerpts

for vibraphone, multi-percussion and electronics

You Should Be Blind to Watch TV (2013)

for ensemble and electronics

Non"sense%)8$messages#_! (for a nonsense reality) (2012)

for large orchestra and electronics

from underground_03 (2011)

for ensemble, electornics and video

zap_ping_ (2014)

for trumpet, percussion, electronics and video